Our reliable middleman service ensures a smooth and safe exchange between buyers and sellers.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Buyer Payment: When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, they securely transfer the payment to Meditree’s designated account.
  2. Shipping Notification: As soon as the funds reflect in our account, we promptly notify the seller to proceed with shipping the product to the buyer.
  3. Buyer Approval and Payout: Once the buyer receives the product and approves its condition, we initiate the payout process. The payment is transferred directly from Meditree’s account to the seller’s designated account.
  4. Refund Process: In the rare event that the buyer is not satisfied with the received product, the item must be returned to the seller. Only after the seller receives the product back, we initiate the refund process, returning the payment to the buyer.

This ensures both parties have peace of mind, knowing that the transaction is protected, and funds are released only after the buyer’s satisfaction.

At Meditree, we prioritize trust and reliability when it comes to valuable medical equipment transactions. Our role as the middleman guarantees secure handling of your transaction, providing a transparent and efficient process for all parties involved.

Middleman Fees

Meditree charges a 10% commission fee on transaction between R1 – R3000 and 8% commission fee on transactions R3001 + for our middleman services, which covers the cost of facilitating the transaction and ensuring its security. Our aim is to provide a fair and efficient platform for buyers and sellers alike.

We understand that customer satisfaction is paramount. If the buyer is not happy with the received product, we offer a refund option. In such cases, we refund the payment back to the buyer, and only charge a 3% transaction fee to cover the processing costs.

As a wholly owned business by Distil Marketing Pty Ltd (K2018454590), we pride ourselves on offering seamless middleman services and transactions, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for our valued customers.